Science Channel Rebrand

Science viewers are inquisitive and love a good mystery or sleuth. They are snarky and irreverent, with an insatiable curiosity, finding absurd fun and humor in Science. We attended their brand focus groups across the world and one message was clear: In a crazy confusing world where people don’t know what is true or not – they trust Discovery. We were invited to put the Discovery Back into science.

Creative Director: Linas Virbickas
Art Directors: Nathan Gamson & Scott Ruhl
Copywriter: Molly Green
Client: Science Channel
Agency: Discovery Agency

We learned from so much compelling science content out there. It’s fun, irreverent, fascinating, revealing and not dry classroom test tube stuff. More importantly it has a clear voice. It doesn’t sound like your science teacher. It’s familiar, approachable, witty and a teeny bit of attitude.